If you're ready for a career change but haven't yet figured out how to get there, follow these tips from Harvard's Dr. Timothy Butler and life coach C.J. Liu. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to a new career.

1. Look at the issues that make you crave change and outline your goals.
What are you satisfied with about your current situation? What are you dissatisfied with? Is it your boss or the culture of your organization? Or do you really want to change careers? Outline your goals - for example, more money, more time off or more flexibility. Write it all down.

2. Work to understand your inner critic
Observe thoughts that trap you with fear and prevent you from achieving your objectives. Write these down on a piece of paper, then crumple it up and throw it away to symbolize your freedom from thoughts that interfere with your goals and dreams.

3. Recognize recurring patterns in your life
What makes you happy? What are your recurring interests and social needs? What makes a work environment feel or not so good to you? Write it down.

4. Network and investigate career interests that map to your goals and needs
Once you've identified your patterns and desires, start thinking about careers that make sense for you. Give yourself one to three months to explore your curiosity by finding people who do these jobs and talking about the pros and cons of their work. Explore anything and everything until you're satisfied - or until your time runs out.

5. Make a plan that takes your financial situation into account.
Change is never simple, but having a plan that outlines your steps and financial requirements makes it doable. Will your new career require additional education, a small business loan, time off from work or relocation? Make a plan with financial considerations and a realistic timeline and that you can follow through on.

Source: http://blogs.payscale.com/content/2007/02/overcome_your_c.html

First when i looked at this video I thought for a second by looking its duration. I thought to watch for 10 mins and then will continue later if it interests me. Amazingly, this speaker just made me to sat till the end. Believe me its worth watching.

He showed the another angle and unseen view of the Globalization. I used to think (and I know many people are thinking the same) that America is the Strongest Economy in the World but its not true. After watching this, I wondered how we say America as strongest economy in the world where it borrows billions and billions of $s from rest of the world to feed their people and country.

The following video is a Lecture by CA M.R. Venkates, Chennai Part of INDIA RE-DISCOVERED A Seminar on Global Economy By SWADESHI JAGARAN MANCH and VISION INDIA TRUST.