offers an article titled 26 Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that provides a list of things you can do to prevent and treat hand problems.

For most people, the key to beating carpal tunnel syndrome is prevention: making changes before CTS becomes a problem. If you’re already experiencing some minor tingling, numbness, and burning associated with CTS, you may be able to prevent further damage and promote healing by making a few simple changes in your lifestyle.

Here’s a quick summary of the most important tips:

  • Stay in shape - You’re less likely to suffer injury if your body is physically fit
  • Pay attention to how you sleep, particularly the position of your hands
  • Lose weight - Excess weight can compress the median nerve in the wrist
  • Take breaks while you work - When your wrist, hand, or fingers feel fatigued or achy, take a break
  • As you work, keep your body and your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position
  • Give your dominant hand a break whenever possible; try using your other hand to do some tasks
  • Be aware of pressure points as you work
  • If you use vibrating tools, take frequent breaks
  • Adopting ergonomically-designed tools and workstations to reduce stress on the body
  • If you have symptoms of repetitive strain injury, use ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation, and avoid heating the affected areas, as this causes tissues to swell, further restricting movement
  • Beware of improperly-fitted wrist splints
  • Over-the-counter medication can reduce pain and inflammation
  • Perform regular hand exercises

See the full article for the complete list.

Blog title is probably the most important component of your blog content. It is the first thing that people read, and probably the only thing if they are not interested to peruse further, based on the information the title gives.

Blog titles serve the same purpose as newspaper headlines, although compared to direct marketing headlines, they are relatively more limited in space.

The body content of your blog maybe your best piece, one of which should be the most sought after. It may cater to a big problem your target market has been facing for long. But, of course, unless the headline drives them in, the rest of your words may as well not even exist.

Unless you write for a group of people who know your work very well, chances are they won’t read the blog content unless the headline triggers their curiosity. Moreover, some web feeds syndicate only headlines, so it is obvious how the blog title has to effectively draw the readers in.

Here are four tips to help create a powerful and compelling blog title:

1. Know your readers
Who are you writing this post for? A powerful headline usually highlight either the problem you are trying to solve, the solution you offer or techniques to prevent it. If you know your readers, you will recognize the issues surrounding them and they will feel you are part of them through your communication.

2. Define purpose
Including a purpose in your blog title is important. The benefits are twofold. First, the headline shows a promise about what is coming to the readers. Through the headline you communicate the value of the post so the prospective readers will continue reading.

The second benefit is to keep yourself focus on the outcome. While obviously you can rewrite the headline after finishing the content, you are more likely to fulfill the purpose if you have it written upfront.

3. Impose clarity
“Blog Promotion Tactics”. The blog title is quite clear. Your readers should expect to read about how to promote their blogs. If this topic is a concern to them, they might read further.

Of course, the title is not strong enough and doesn’t have much in it for the readers.

Do I need to promote my blog? What can I get from that?

Although the title doesn’t communicate benefits, still it should get the attention of the readers who realize the value of the topic in question.

4. Include benefits
“… to Get More Traffic and Readers”. Suddenly the title is now better because not only it communicates what the content is about but also what the readers is going to get if they read and do what the blog post suggests.

Other powerful words such as “easy” and “simple” could help increase anticipation, as long as they are honest.

Whenever you are writing a blog title, you should try to keep these points in mind. While these rules are by no means etched in the stone, they are helpful to increase your blog readership.

Just take the time to carefully create a good blog title because at the end of the day, what matters is the number of people who actually read your blog, not the amount of posts collecting dust at the corner of your blog archives.

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Stamina Exercises:

Excellent cardiovascular benefits for the advanced age groups. Should be done briskly with swinging of the arms. Comfortable shoes must be worn. May be done morning or evening for 30-60 minutes.

Jogging: Suitable for youngers age group below 50 years. 30 minutes is all that is required and may be done continuously, or jog and walk in between when fatigued. The pace of jogging is equal to that of a brisk walk-run on soft or grassy surface. Wear comfortable clothes and breathe freely.

Swimming: For those who know how to swim, 20 minutes of continuous swimming is sufficient. Alternately swim the length of a pool 10-20 meters, rest at the end for 30 seconds, swim back. 10 such lengths is good. Use any stroke you know. They are all of almost equal cardiovascular and muscular benefit.

Cycling: For any age group. Minimum time 45-60 minutes of continuous controlled fast cycling. Cycling up slopes gives added benefit. Ordinary cycles are good enough and indore stationary exercycles may also be used at low resistance for 45 minutes.

Games: For the fitter younger age group. Get fit first before playing games such as squash, badminton, tennis, handball, basketball, football etc. Warm up before the games. 30-45 minutes of the game is sufficient. Weekend or once a week games must be avoided unless other fitness programes are done on the other days. Play within your capabity.

Strength Exercises:

Mobility Exercises:

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1. After inserted USB drive
This screen shot shows the USB drive
which is affected with virus

2. How to Enable Hidden files & folders
• Goto Tools-->Folder options --> click view tab
• Under view tab gotoAdvanced settings Hidden files and folders
• Click radio button “show hidden files and folders”
• Remove check mark “Hide extension for known file types”
• “Hide protected operating system files”
• Click Apply , ok.

3. After Enabled the hidden files you can view the virus in the USB drive

4. What is inside the Autorun.inf?

NOTE: Script & exe files may vary

Disclaimer: The content is provided with the intention to help the readers to avoid spreading virus. Please use your own discretion and judgment while using.

• Virus & worms are easily spread by carrying it on a removable medium
such as ,USB drive , I-Pod, CD, Floppy
• USB drive is otherwise called as “Flash Drive”,”Thumb Drive” ,”Memory
stick” ,”External USB Hard Disk”.
• Even though we have very good Antivirus , New Viruses are one step
Ahead than Antivirus
• We cannot restrict USB Drive , but we can avoid spreading of virus &
worms through USB Drive.
• So we have to be little bit careful while working with USB Drive,some
precautionary steps are follows

• STEP 1:
• Don’t allow the USB Drive to Auto Play after plug in, cancel it.

• STEP 2:
• Go to My computer
• Devices with Removable storage
• Do not Double click the USB Drive
• Note the drive letter assigned to USB Drive as mentioned in the Fig
• Here E:
• STEP 3:
• Go to -->Start --> Run -->Type E:
• Now you can view the Contents of your USB Drive
• Copy the necessary files
• Repeat the Process while using USB Drive
• Now your Laptop is free from viruses & worms.
• It is a time consuming process, but good way to avoid the virus.

Disclaimer: The content is provided with the intention to help the readers to avoid spreading virus. Please use your own discretion and judgment while using.